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1 Cavity Rectangular Trays/2880s

1 Cavity Rectangular TraysPlain shallow open cavity tray.  Ideal for slices and thin bakes ..

£185.36 £147.00

12oz Printed Soup Cups/500s

12oz Printed Soup CupsPE lined paper soup cups, printed in 4 colour.Ideal to eat straight from the c..


12oz Single Wall Aroma Coffee Cups

Single Wall Aroma Coffee CupsMade from paper and 100% recyclable.Single Poly Coated Heavy Duty Paper..

£38.58 £34.72

26oz Kebab Paper Box

26oz Kebab Paper Box Made from double thickness food grade poly paper with folding topPrinted full c..

£38.99 £29.99

33cm 2Ply 8 Fold White Napkins/2000s

33cm 2Ply 8 Fold White Napkins2Ply 33cm 8 Fold White Napkins made with part recycled paper.Perfect f..


4 Cavity Round Cake Containers

4 Cavity Tart Hinged Lid. Ideal for pineapple tarts or strawberry tarts. Good strong design for pro..

£99.99 £88.34

4 Cavity Tart Pack Round Container

4 Cavity Cupcake Pack Plastic Cake Container, made from recycled PET (rPET).  Cake Container w..

£30.99 £26.99

4 Doughnut Containers/500s

4 Doughnut ContainersMade from PETHolds 4 doughnuts LightweightDoughnut size: 85mmDimensions : ..

£55.99 £53.10

6 Cupcake Window Paper Box

6 Cupcake Window Paper Box Cupcake Box which holds 6 cupcakes with window in a cupcake pattern..

£46.99 £31.99

6 Doughnut Containers/300s

6 Doughnut ContainersMade from PETHold 6 doughnut LightweightDoughnut 85mmDimensions : 210..

£58.99 £54.00

9" Bagasse Clamshell Meal Box/200s

9" Biodegradable Food boxes"Take away" biodegradable burger boxes are manufactured from natural non-..


9x6" Biodegradable Food Box/250s

Eco Biodegradable Food boxes9x6" Bagasse Lunch Boxes, "Take away" biodegradable burger boxes are man..


Black Plastic Sushi Trays with Lids/400s

Black Plastic Sushi Trays with LidsBlack PET Plastic Sushi Trays with Clear Lids are ideal for boldl..


Giant Sandwich Cube

Giant Sandwich CubeA Clear Plastic Giant Sandwich Cube, perfect for loading 6 deep-filled sandwiche..

£40.80 £33.15

HD Patch Meal Carrier Bag

 HD White Plastic Patch Punched Carrier BagOur latest economy range of carrier bags a..

£10.99 £9.99