Pint & Half Pint

Pint & Half Pint

Disposable Pint and Half Pint are the most popular used in the UK

In the catering industry, the first things that you will be concern is health and safety that the reason you use disposable packaging instead. For serving drink in the function events or parties, disposable glasses are the best choice to using because they are unbreakable.

Plastic pint and half pint cups have come a popular nowadays, and quite apart from providing just a single use, are now safe for hundreds of cycles. Designed from toughened plastics, they are lightweight yet practically unbreakable. Designed with a comfortable shape that facilitates stacking too, they are perfect for the outdoor caterer.

GM Packaging provide a range of plastic pint and half pint for you.  If you are looking for disposable glasses to using in your bar or outside.  We would like to introduce you to try our range of disposable cups, there are nothing standard about modern-day pint glasses, and the most popular used in the UK.

We also recognize the importance of standing out from the crowd. In today’s competitive market, tasting good is just as important as looking good. Thus, our products are designed to be aesthetically pleasing for the customers, giving your business a more sophisticated image as well. We even offer a custom design printing service for most types of packaging products. This way, your customers can carry your name and logo wherever they go, or even show it to their friends and family.

To inquire about placing orders and/or the custom design printing service, contact our sales team at 01912962007 or email:

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