Salad Containers

Salad Containers

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                Plastic salad containers are a simple solution for restaurant owners looking for an efficient way to pack and display their goods. From simple fruit and vegetable salads to pasta or rice, these plastic containers are easily packed and stored, allowing restaurant owners to easily stock them and have them handy whenever the need arises. Made from durable rPET and PET plastic, high-quality plastic containers are also easily stackable, and are guaranteed to not easily break or shatter, making them useful for transporting or deliveries as well.

                To answer all your plastic salad container needs, GM Packaging stocks and offers various types of salad containers for every type of cuisine. Made from high-quality materials, our products are guaranteed to be durable and clear, to show off your beautifully cooked and arranged dishes. Our products also come in various sizes, from 250cc all the way up to 2000cc, and are available in different shapes such as round, square, rectangular, oval and waved. We also recognize the value of a first impression; that’s why we’ve designed our products to be aesthetically catching as well, useful for any business owners when displaying their products.

                No matter what kind of dish you’re selling, our plastic salad containers will keep your food fresh and secure right from the kitchen all the way to the customer. Please note that our plastic products are not microwaveable. Doing so could cause the food to be contaminated, and consuming contaminated food can lead to serious health issues. Should you wish to inquire about other of our product categories and/or our custom design printing service, please contact the sales team at 01912962007 or email:

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1000cc Black Plastic Salad Containers

750cc BASE ContainersMade from PET, in black colourShape : WAVEStackable and flexible Suitable ..


1000cc Clear WAVE Salad Container

1000cc Clear WAVE Salad ContainerMade from PET, in clear colourShape : WAVEStackable and flexibility..


1000cc Oval Fresco Salad Container

A Hinged Salad Container indented to hold optional spork. The containers are completely clear, stac..


1000cc Rectangular Plastic Salad Container

1000cc Rectangular Plastic Salad ContainerRectangular Plastic Salad Container Flat LidMade from rPET..


103mm White Plastic Salad Fork

White Plastic Fork for saladDimensions : 103mm Case Quantity : 1000..


1500cc Rectangular Plastic Salad Container

1500cc Rectangular Plastic Salad ContainerRectangular Plastic Salad Container Flat LidMade from rPET..


2 Cavity Insert Salad Containers

2 Cavity Insert Clear Plastic to fit 750cc and 1000cc BASE Containers SaladMade from rPETShape : WAV..


250cc Contour Salad Plastic Bowls

250cc Contour Salad Plastic Bowls A 'contour' range of plastic salad bowl with hinged lid made ..


250cc Square Plastic Salad Container

250cc Square Plastic Salad ContainerSquare Plastic Salad Container Flat LidMade from rPET, crystal c..


3 Cavity Curve Insert to fit Nibble Box Foldover

3 Cavity Curve Insert to fit Nibble Box FoldoverNibble Box - Created for the rapidly growing grazing..


3 Compartment Salad Containers

3 Compartments Hinged Plastic Fresco Salad Container to be kept food separate.  The containers..


3 Compartments Salad Bowls/200s

3 Compartments Plastic Salad BowlsThe Crystal Clear Salad Bowls ensure salads are displayed in thei..


370cc Oval Plastic Salad Container SLV

370cc Oval SLV Salad ContainerOval plastic salad container provides an excellent water vapour barrie..


375cc Contour Salad Plastic Bowls

A 'contour' range of plastic salad bowl with hinged lid made in UK, suitable for all applications w..


375cc Olivine Press&Dress rPET Bowl inc. Lid&Souffle

Olivine plus press and dress is the latest innovation.Olivine cold food containers feature the revo..