Foil Baking Container

Foil Baking Container

GM Packaging supply foil baking containers, ideal for home baking, self caterers, chefs, and bakeries. 

Made from food safety recyclable aluminium, our containers come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your particular needs.

We provide small and large pie containers, square and rectangular containers. 

Orders made online before 2pm will be dispatched within 24 hours. 

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110mm Round Pie Foil Plates

Round Pie Foil PlatesMade from aluminiumOvenableNon-microwavableDimensions : 110/99/76/32mmCase Quan..


190x126x26mm Rectangular Foil Containers

Rectangular Foil ContainersMade from food grade aluminiumOvenableIdeal for ready meals, prepared foo..


94mm Round Pie Foil Plates

Round Pie Foil Plates and Round PanMade from aluminiumOvenableNon-microwavableDimensions : 94/76/62/..


9x9x2" Square Foil Containers

Square Foil ContainersDimensions : 238x238/225x225/198x198/51mmCase Quantity : 200Use with Lid code ..


Foil Pie Containers

Foil Pie ContainersDimensions : 127x94/109x76/74x47/26mmCase Quantity : 2300..


Oval Steak Pie Foil Containers-Rolled edge/1400s

Oval Steak Pie Foil Containers with rolled edge rim styleOval steak pie foil dish made from aluminiu..


Paper Lids to fit Square Foil Containers

Paper Lids to fit Square Foil Containers Use with foil containers code : 101941Dimensions : 9x9..


Oblong Steak Pie Foil-Rolled edge/2100s

Oblong Steak Pie Foil with a rolled edge A oblong steak pie dish with a rolled edge made from a..


Medium Round Pan Baking Foil Dish/1000s

Medium Round Pan Baking Foil Dish with Rolled edgeMedium round pan baking foil dish with rolled edge..