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As delicious and beautiful your pastries are, one other thing that can truly make your bakery that much more memorable is the design of the boxes those pastries come in. The finest pastries only deserve to be wrapped in the finest packaging, something that truly enhances their delicate aesthetics and draws in the wandering eyes of customers.

GM Packaging is here to answer your bakery container needs. No matter which type of cake container you’re looking for, be they circular, rectangular or anything in between, we offer high quality plastic containers that are sure to make your pastries more appealing. Our packaging products also come in a variety of shapes and forms, each specifically made to hold a different type of pastry, such as individual cake slice wedges, muffins, tarts, cheesecakes, doughnuts, cupcakes or gateaux. Each design is tailored to contain different types of pastries perfectly, with lids, wedges and bases to hold everything in place.

For business owners, this means more convenient ways to package, display and sell your products, as your pastries can be displayed and sold all in the same box. Not only that with GM Packaging’s custom design printing service, your customers will also carry your bakery’s name and logo around, spreading the word about your delicious pastries to their friends and family. Bakeries and patisseries are a dime a dozen in the UK. As such, it is imperative for business owners to differentiate themselves from the competition. It isn’t enough to just taste better, but also to look better too.

Make your meticulous work on designing your pastries even more apparent with the right bakery containers. To inquire about placing orders and/or the custom design printing service, contact our sales team at 01912962007 or email:

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162x135x50mm Plastic Cheesecake Slice Wedges

A Clear Plastic Cheesecake or Gateaux Wedge with hinged lid. Used for cake slices, cheesecake etc.D..


162x135x80mm Gateaux Slice Containers

162x135x80mm Plastic Gateaux Slice ContainersA Clear Plastic Gateaux or Cheesecake Contain..


2 Cavity Cake Containers

Hinged 2 Cavity Cake Containers :Made from PEThold 2 cakes (5.25cm divider) such as muffin, cupcakes..


2 Cavity Deep Cake Containers

2 Cavity Deep Cake ContainersMade from PVCStrong and ClearPerfect for Muffin, Cake and more.Dimensio..


2 Doughnut Containers

2 Doughnut Containers Made from OPSHold 2 doughnutLighweightDimensions: 125X100X95mm ..


2 Pack Muffin Cake Containers

Hinged 2 Pack Cake Containers :Made from PEThold 2 cakes (6cm divider) such as muffin, cupcakes, fre..


4 Cavity Round Cake Containers

4 Cavity Tart Hinged Lid. Ideal for pineapple tarts or strawberry tarts. Good strong design for pro..


4 Cavity Tart Pack Round Container

4 Cavity Cupcake Pack Plastic Cake Container, made from recycled PET (rPET).  Cake Container w..


4 Doughnut Containers/500s

4 Doughnut ContainersMade from PETHolds 4 doughnuts LightweightDoughnut size: 85mmDimensions : ..


4 Pack Muffin Cake Containers

Hinged 4 Pack Muffin Cake Containers :Made from OPSHold 4 muffin (5cm divider)Lighweight and Crystal..


6 Doughnut Containers/300s

6 Doughnut ContainersMade from PETHold 6 doughnut LightweightDoughnut 85mmDimensions : 210..


6.5x2.5" Gateaux Cake Containers

Plastic Gateau Cake Containers :Made from OPSLightweight and crystal clearDimensions : 6.5x2.5" ..


6x3" Hinged Round Gateau Container

6" Round Open Cavity Hinged Cake Container, perfect for gateau, cakes and sweets.Material :  C..


6x4" Gateau Cake Container

Plastic Gateau Cake Containers :Made from OPSLightweight and crystal clearDimensions : 6x4" ..


Cake Slice Container with spork

Cake Slice Hinge Pack with Spork, suitabe for holding a single slice such as carrot cakes, cheeseca..