Food Packaging

Food Packaging

Food Packaging – the best way to keeping food fresh

                Food packaging products are in high demand these days, thanks to the growing popularity of take-out and delivery. For a business owner, this presents a list of other things to think about, such as hygiene, sturdiness, transportation and, most importantly, the integrity of the food inside. Choosing the wrong type of food packaging can make or break the experience your customers receive.

                Another benefit of food packaging containers is their convenience. These containers are easily disposed of when done with, and are easily recyclable. However, this raises another problem in itself, which is the environment. In order to help lessen this impact, however, many food packaging suppliers now stock eco-friendly, biodegradable options for businesses looking to take an active part in helping the environment.

                High-quality food packaging products must carry several traits, such as sturdiness, the ability to deal with moisture and most importantly, the ability to keep your food clean of any possible pathogens. All of these factors can play a major role for the customer in deciding whether or not to return for seconds.

                At GM Packaging, we take all of these factors into consideration when designing our diverse catalogue of food packaging products. Our products are not only guaranteed to keep your food off-the-pan fresh and hot from your kitchen all the way to the customer, but we also take the environment into account and offer plenty of degradable supplies for all types of take-out food. Be it sandwich trays, noodle boxes, diner paks or lunch boxes, our food packaging products are designed to be functional and also aesthetically pleasing. Design and visual appeal are playing a larger role in businesses today, and we recognize that. That’s why we make sure our products help our clients stand out, with our custom design printing service, available for most types of packaging products.

                To inquire about placing orders and/or the custom design printing service, contact our sales team at 01912962007 or email:

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1 Compartment Black Microwave Trays

1 Compartment Black Microwave TraysA competitively priced range of microwave containersMade from PET..


1.25oz Clear Plastic Round Dip Pots

1.25oz Clear Round Plastic Dip Pots - suitable for packing sauces, dips, oils and dressings. Lid so..


10 inch Printed Brown Pizza Boxes

Pizza Boxes Brown, printed in red and blue. Made from cardboard, ideal for catering, deli and fast ..


10.5oz Round Plastic Deli Pots

Round Plastic Deli PotsMade from recyclable plastic material (rPET), clear and lightweightSale sepa..


1000cc Black Plastic Salad Containers

750cc BASE ContainersMade from PET, in black colourShape : WAVEStackable and flexible Suitable ..


1000cc Clear WAVE Salad Container

1000cc Clear WAVE Salad ContainerMade from PET, in clear colourShape : WAVEStackable and flexibility..


1000cc Oval Fresco Salad Container

A Hinged Salad Container indented to hold optional spork. The containers are completely clear, stac..


1000cc Rectangular Plastic Salad Container

1000cc Rectangular Plastic Salad ContainerRectangular Plastic Salad Container Flat LidMade from rPET..


1000ml Microwave Food Containers with Lids

Microwave containers to-go, allow you to show off the freshness and high quality of fine food. ..


101mm Plastic Deli Pot Lids

Plastic Deli Pot LidsMade from recyclable plastic material (rPET), clear and lightweightSale separa..


110x110mm Gold/White Sandwich Card

110x110mm Gold/White Sandwich Card, 800 micronPaper card ideal for a wide range of cakes and savoury..


115x150mm Gold/Silver Sandwich Card

115x150mm Gold/Silver Sandwich Card, 800 micronPaper card ideal for a wide range of cakes and savour..


12 inch Printed Brown Pizza Boxes

Pizza Boxes Brown, printed in red and blue. Made from cardboard, ideal for catering, deli and fast ..


12" Baguette Containers

Baguette Container with hinged lidsMade from rPET,  containers with hinged lids.The lid secures..


12/16oz Oval Clear Plastic Dome Lids

Clear Plastic Dome Lids to fit 12/16oz Oval Black BASE (PLEASE NOTE: 12oz & 16oz Black Base sold..